A unique book with 130 portraits of comedians

This week’s spotlight is on an amazing book, “Comedians: 130 Portraits of an Unconventional History” by photography duo Kuba Dabrowski and Adam Horowitz. This duo set out to capture a unique perspective on the history of comedy- appreciation through portraiture.

The book features over 130 black and white portraits, many of which are the industry’s legendary greats like Dave Chappelle, Richard Pryor, Dave Attell, Amy Schumer, and Jim Gaffigan among others. The photos take us through a time warp of history – from the Barbary Coast in San Francisco to today’s comedy festivals. And while the images are fascinating enough, each one is accompanied with priceless captions and facts about the comedians included.

In this fascinating collection of vintage and modern photographs and anecdotes, these two photographers bring to life the life-changing history of comedy as we know it today. Whether you are a die-hard fan or merely appreciate exceptional artistry then this book is definitely worth checking out.

If you want to hear what others think about the book, it has already garnered praise from many noteworthy sources such as “Time & Leisure Magazine” that called it ‘a unique piece of art for anyone who enjoys comedy, photography or both”.

It’s not uncommon for books to offer up profiles of famous personalities, but one recent release stands among the most ambitious of them all. “Funny As HeLL: 130 Comedic Portraits” is an impressive collection of in-depth photographs, interviews, and personal stories about a variety of today’s top comedians.

The book was conceived and edited by well-known photographer Jody Quon and journalist Elizabeth Mason. It features over 130 interviews with comedians from a range of cultural backgrounds and genders, including Sandra Bernhard, Aziz Ansari, Ali Wong, Tig Notaro and John Early.

Whether or not readers have heard of these names (or any other comedienne profiled in the book), Quon and Mason succeed in bringing out the individuals behind the public faces. Drawing on two decades of experience in entertainment photography, Quon has captured each comedian in an intimate setting that expresses not only their humor but their full humanity as well. The images are accompanied by thoughtful oral histories where the subjects offer poignant reflections on their lives which run deep; they speak on issues such as sexism, racism, identity and sexuality.

For its strength in compiling such personal stories and remarkable imagery, “Funny As HeLL” stands as an incredibly important document both now and for future generations looking to understand what it takes to make a successful comedy career today. Whether one is a fan of comedy or simply wants to understand the craft better, this book is a must-have glimpse into a dazzling world.

In a world where it seems like TV and movies have taken over the comedy industry, it’s easy to forget the craft and hard work that has gone into creating some of the greatest jokes of all time. However, a unique book released this month seeks to pay special tribute to some of our favorite funny people of the past and present.

Titled 130 Comedians, this special publication is a compilation of over 130 portraits taken by photographer Carla van de Puttelaar that feature some of the brightest stars in the comedic world. Spanning iconic figures like Charlie Chaplin to modern stars like Amy Poehler and Ali G, each subject has their own dedicated page complete with a short biography as written by Wall Street Journal film critic Joe Morgenstern.

The book is an absolute treat for any comedy lover – with hilarious, thought-provoking and informative looks into the subjects’ lives and acts – and even offers readers insight into some up-and-coming acts on the funny scene. Plus, with a beautiful foreword by Ricky Gervais, himself, readers are guaranteed to gain something from this unique book.

Whether you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for a comedy fan in your life or merely want an enjoyable read yourself, 130 Comedians is one publication that is sure to deliver smiles along with dedicated admiration for some of funniest people out there.