Instead of a simple portrait, Matt and comic book icons worked together to create little humorous moments

When Matt and his family decided to get family portraits taken, they knew they wanted to do something a little different. So, rather than a regular, posed photo, they opted for something more unique.

Instead of a traditional portrait, Matt and his family decided to create little humorous moments by working with comic book icons! Each member of his family donned an iconic costume from their favorite Marvel or DC characters and struck a pose for the camera. From Iron Man and Batman to Captain America and Wonder Woman, the entire family was in character.

It wasn’t just the costumes that made this photo shoot stand out either. To complete the look, Matt’s sister brought along her collection of comic books and props to use as backdrops for each shots. From there, it was all about posing in funny ways and striking playful poses that captured their humor and personalities. By doing so, they were able to make each shot fun and creative while sending a powerful message: that these characters are real-life heroes everyone can root for!

The results were breathtakingly hilarious! Each member’s picture was framed and hung in their home as a reminder of their wonderful experience coming together as a family to make something truly special. It reminded them of their own strength — both individually and collectively — and showed how people can come together to create amazing moments through self-expression and storytelling.

Despite the uncertainty that 2020 has brought us all, it’s important to take time for fun moments that lift spirits and bring some joy into our lives. Judging by the smiles in Matt’s family photos, it looks like this unconventional idea was one well worth taking!

Matt and comic book icons found a unique way to celebrate life by collaborating on portraits with a funny twist. These portraits don’t simply capture a moment—they capture the essence of a character in the form of a humorous snapshot.

Instead of striving for realism, Matt and his subjects have come together to playfully explore each character’s identity. Every pose and facial expression are crafted to deliver a big laugh, giving viewers an impactful insight into the comic book world. Some comic book characters appear in their original costume, while others dress up as modern-day versions of themselves, complete with props and cheeky jokes.

In some cases, the lighthearted artworks feature more than one iconic character. For example, Christian Bale once posed alongside Robert Downey Jr., allowing Matt to create a scene that would have comic book fans delighted and amazed.

Matt has achieved something special with these portrait collaborations: he has opened up a doorway between our world and the world of comics. Through this playful art, Matt effortlessly combines nostalgia with today’s trends and culture. This unique approach can be seen throughout social media where Matt shares his creations. His entertaining posts often spark discussions among fans over how he interprets certain characters or references.

It’s no surprise that Matt’s portraits have been collected and cherished by fans of all interests. His collaboration with comic book icons injects life into moments that are often forgotten in traditional illustrations, bringing laughter back into our lives.