In writing this book, Matt Hoyle has gained remarkable access to the greatest comedy stars

Matt Hoyle, the award-winning writer, has done something that many have dreamed of for years—gaining remarkable access to the greatest comedy stars in the world. His new book, The Comedy Bureaucracy: How to be Funny in the Age of Local Heroes, reveals the behind-the-scenes experiences and privates lives of some of those giants of comedy.

In the book, Matt visits the homes and hangouts of some true comedic greats. From Aziz Ansari to Maria Bamford, Lena Waithe to Hannah Gadsby, Matt was able to get them to open up and share stories that are both personal and professional. With many of these figures becoming iconic figures, these stories offer a unique window into how they’ve achieved great success.

There’s something special about having unfettered access to people whose career trajectories you dream of emulating. That’s exactly what Matt did—and his ability to understand their process from the inside out can serve as a spark for the next generation of up-and-coming comedians. In The Comedy Bureaucracy, he gives readers an insight into just how hard work and dedication are essential for succeeding in this daring career path.

As someone who loves both comedy and learning about the behind-the-scenes workings of a highly competitive field, I couldn’t recommend this book more highly. It’s a must-read for anyone trying to make it in comedy today—not only for its insider glimpses but also for its valuable lessons about perseverance and putting in maximum effort through every difficult stage. Kudos to Matt Hoyle for achieving such remarkable access and crafting this incredible book!

It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago, Matt Hoyle had never written a book before. But what he’s achieved with his latest endeavor is nothing short of remarkable.

In writing his new book, “Funny Business: Conversations with the Greatest Comedy Stars of Our Time,” Matt Hoyle has gained an unprecedented level of access to some of the biggest comedy stars in the industry. From Bill Murray and Steve Martin to Jerry Seinfeld and Melissa McCarthy, Hoyle has talked to some of the most recognizable faces in comedy.

The interviews are filled with laugh-out-loud moments and intellectual insights that dig deeper into the craft of comedy. Hoyle provides readers with an inside perspective into how challenging and rewarding it can be to write for comedic films and television shows. He also examines how widely different comedic styles have evolved over time, thanks to the many witty and talented performers he talks to in his book.

In addition, Hoyle takes on a very personal mission in his book—telling the stories of lesser-known stand-up comedians who have worked their way up the ranks and made it big. He shines a light on the struggles these individuals had to endure in order to succeed, including repeated failure and rejections along the way. It’s an inspiring story of talent, perseverance, and ambition that is sure to move readers in some way.

Matt Hoyle should be commended for his excellent work on this book. He has achieved something truly incredible by gaining access to some of the greatest comedy stars in the world. It’s not only a must-read for comedy fans everywhere but also serves as an inspiring reminder that no matter our station in life, there are always opportunities to pursue great things.